The Breguet master genius Housing Design, first in 1931 by Alfred Helwig Remove the "beams".These two timepieces Masters I do not know whether foreseen the independent tabulation future generations, whether foreseeable to the East in the early 21st century, a genius, completely deconstructs this house, of his subversive reform, Tuo completely dismantled flywheel framework, on the basis of the Alfred Helwig "of the Demolition", the "pillars" also canceled. The Chinese people, Hong Kong Tian Yi Xuan master Jiao Dayu. 
Jiao Dayu production in 1991, Asia's first tourbillon watches
Early in 2004, the Chinese New Year festivity is strong, Jiao Dayu received the patent certificate signed by the Swiss Patent Office on December 31, 2003, this certificate was awarded for his "day instrument flywheel TOURBILLON". Jiao's third generation the magical day instrument flywheel table since 1993 continue to have new faces from all walks of life Basel Watch Fair published. Public in July 1993, the seventh "day instrument flywheel" watch, because of the cancellation of the two components of the mounting bracket and rotating frame,Cartier Fake Watch known as the "the Jiao's magical days Miriam flywheel" watch, he thoroughly revolutionary performance in the new structure: the weight is only half of the ordinary tourbillon - the first-generation and second-generation Tourbillon table with the flywheel rotating balance cock "is no longer the same with the flywheel turn; Instead sapphire instead the original metal material placed cock.

  Jiao's third-generation coaxial tourbillon watch has been the advent of the international watch industry, created a stir, because it is unique in design as well as Jiao Dayu only show not sell "characteristics, no one can imagine,Replica Chopard Watch he The tourbillon is how framework conditions under rotation, this invention is also known as the 20th century, one of the wonders of the watches and clocks.(Quoted from: Baidu Library "watch the Earth's balance - About Tourbillon")

      Lange watches are all hand-made, more than four hundred employees, half watchmaker watchmaker watchmaker ratio (ratio including the inside of the industry as a whole on the ratio of the number of overall employees) is the highest. 
Lange, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Mr. Franck
       For connoisseurs of watches

  Reporter: What are the characteristics of the Lange watches?

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: Lange brand Li Feng Group, is a very special brand, you can say that it is the most expensive brand in our group, the average selling price is 400,000, the cheapest table to be more than 110,000, which is one of our characteristics.

  Our annual production of not more than, our major customers are collectors, connoisseurs, really appreciate senior watches. Lange watches attaches great importance to the technology and skills, we have a lot of complex technology watch, also has considerable strength in terms of movement and design. Lange watches are all hand-made, more than four hundred employees, half watchmaker watchmaker watchmaker ratio (ratio including the inside of the industry as a whole on the ratio of the number of overall employees ) is the highest, and watch watchmaker relative to other people to do it is the highest quality, which means we have to a lot of manpower to do a table.


  Reporter: Be the watchmaker is not needed to meet the high requirements? For example, he must be the older generation, the manual is very skilled and so on.

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: Lange watches watchmaker is not easy, we are demanding our own open watchmaking school to train watchmakers at least more than one year of training in order to contact the watch making, and some complex functions of the table needs watchmaker has more than five years of experience can be produced.

  Why Lange watches the production is so small, is to call it a day because our product is totally dependent on production. Many goods can be mass-produced, with a handmade respect for and strict requirements and adhere to the hand-made, which can be said is contrary to the industrial and commercial development, but we adhere to the principle.

  Reporter: a Lange table, the entire production process for how long?

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: 4 months to 1 year to do a table,Replica Christian Dior Watches even if the raw materials are complete, we assembled and tested at least four months to a year to do a table.

  Double assembly table craft excellence

  Reporter: Lange watches and many watch brands, it is the most prominent advantage is what?

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: know how to watch the people will know Lange watches Basic Group on the calendar front of so many tables inside the craft table. For example, Lange dual assembly table can be described as the prestigious Each Table dignitaries tooling twice, that is to say, all of the parts, such as 600 parts into a machine heart face, each one is to staff polished, carved, and then put into the test finished after all ripped out, and then re-assembled once. Because we believe that such an approach, the table is the most accurate. But this time it takes, can be installed two tables out. The requirements of this process, not to mention the calendar Feng Group, even if any other brands are unable to achieve, which we adhere to the standards of each table.

  Precious metals production

  Reporter: That each table has a dual assembly process is not it?

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: Yes, in this regard we have strict requirements, so Lange watches can be so expensive, so our production is limited. Every part is hand polished, and then manually assembled. Lange watches will use precious metals - platinum, we will not stainless steel material.Even some well-known brands, and their table steel watch, and we do not, we must do with the precious metals. Our tables are heavy.

  Reporter: This brand of table is mostly men wearing?

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: Yes, there are a few ladies paragraph. Lange is dominated by the men's table, I was wearing this watch women's table, is relatively small. Watch and clock industry is dominated by the men's table, but Ms. gradually to watch a large interest.

  Watch is the star

  Reporter: Li Feng Group There are many brands of tables, many tables will do a lot of promotion, whether it is looking for celebrity endorsements or the other way, Lange promotion will feature? I think it is very low-key.

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: because we promote our products as the leading, our product is the star, so it's really like our table, he have a good understanding of the table, so he bought our table when he bought of products, processes, rather than buy image, so we will be relatively low-key in marketing.

  To invite Chinese customer experience watchmaking

  Reporter: I would like to ask how to Lange in the Chinese mainland market promotion strategies?Promotion in Mainland China?

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: Chinese people has always been the tradition of the love the table from the previous emperor began like a table, so the Chinese people watch more want to know and have. The watch market is more and more mature now, of course, some people just started when the time to buy a table because it is expensive, or because we feel that its image is a good buy. But gradually the pursuit table, genuine pursuit of horology.

  Reporter: China's market is really great, many brands come when it will do some market cultivation, I want to know what Lange is what means to do this the market cultivation process it?For example, will bring some VIP to your factory to participate, or to do some advertising?Or others?

Mr. Franck Giacobini: Only 39 points of sale in the entire Asia-Pacific region Lange, China is really a large population, but also its vast, but our point-of-sale is relatively small, only 220 points of sale around the world. We will tell our customers the benefits of our table, so we will take some of the guests to visit our factory, and also an opportunity for them to experience the craftsmanship of the watch, some of the steps they have the opportunity to try, for example,Christian Dior Fake Watches power storage learn This type of knowledge, maybe they will hear more, but do not know how you can do it, we will really positive to explain to them to hear, let them know that there is a lot of movement parts, so they have the opportunity to see touch, test, and so on, so that they understand that in fact it is very difficult to do a table, and this will increase their appreciation.

  Reporter: Speaking of this table is for the consumers in the market, that Lange will certainly be their competitors, even if it is a brand in many European table, beginning when it is low-key, but came after China, will do a lot of things in many ways, including the promotion of that face these competitors, Lange and what measures?

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: That Lange will use a special measures and other market measures is not it?

  Reporter: Yes.

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: I do not think the Chinese market requires special measures

    The annual charity gala of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York are celebrities gathered, known as "fashion Oscars" said. In addition to clothes and beauty clothes, jewelry will compete at the red carpet. This year, Cartier champion, sexy, personality, elegant, glamorous, the different modern styling collision Cartier antique jewelry, suction mirror index hundred percent
   The the sexy Madonna: blonde red lips, and a strong sense of contour deep V Lake green embroidered dress with Cartier leaf shape necklace with leopard bracelet is pressing the gas field. 
   Personalized Stella McCartney: their own highly experimental radians dovetail Bra black and white dress, a simple natural makeup, roll up their blond hair,Lamborghini Swiss Replica Watches with Cartier antique diamond tiara personality without missing a small cute cute. 
   Elegant Amy Adams: Classic embroidery personal dress, weaving plate made with Cartier teardrop garland style pearl onyx diamond earrings, elegant blossoms are. 
   Glamorous Demi Moore: black corset gorgeous feather dress,Replica Breguet Watch exaggerated headdress handbag of the same color, with a simple Cartier diamond earrings, cool party thing. 
Uphold the goal of making top watch, Piaget watch factory Altiplano hollow Ultra-thin watch vacated launch, the achievements of the two world record again, and the limits of the specification to a whole new level: the world's thinnest self-winding skeleton watch (5.34 mm), equipped with the world's thinnest self-winding skeleton movement (2.40 mm). 
While this modern extraordinary watch not only demonstrates a unique ultra-thin movement production Earl attainments, but also showcase the Earl of master sculptor new break through the limits of artistic expression, in order to lay the count in the Advanced tab area,Bvlgari Watches making a hollow or openwork The leadership of the movement. By Earl the most prestigious contemporary series, immediately to the world to expose the the brand superior technical talent and gorgeous skeleton movement. New Piaget Altiplano series watch, no doubt the collection of the Earl of date, since it was founded in 1874 in the culmination of the various fields of professional attainments. 
Piaget 1200S ultra-thin hollow movement by Piaget watch factory in the design, development and production. Earl offers a range of movement far, including 18 ultra-thin movements and 5 skeleton movement. To the count, in terms of reliability are based on tangible entity, which is the count has been committed to innovation, expansion mainly due to its emphasis on highly technical requirements the field of ultra-thin movement. Which the research and development of this series of great honor,Cartier Replica Watches the most notable achievements include the development in 1998, 430P movement (thickness 2.1 mm), and the 2007 launch of the 830P movement (thickness 2.5 mm). Earl also professional attainments of the R & D production of ultra-thin movement extended to the production of a variety of complex movement (such as 600P rectangular tourbillon movement, 880P chronograph movement, 855P calendar movement, 1270 self-winding tourbillon movement) and so on. 
In 2010, the count for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the launch of the legendary 12P movement, especially launched the world's thinnest self-winding movement 1200P (with hours, minutes instructions) and 1208P (with hours, minutes, instructions and small seconds function). At the same time, the Earl Path to strive to develop an alternative access to the art movement Pierced and openwork decoration. Engrave engrave on the world's thinnest self-winding movement, art, natural the finest carving process to complete. Only the world's top Loudiao craftsmen in order to engrave and hollow in While this called Dajiang for the movement, at the same time lossless accuracy and smoothness of the movement running. 
Since September 4, BLANCPAIN Blancpain launch theme handed down Blancpain the five elements Kam month ", the Mid-Autumn Watch Fair in Beijing, Shanghai. As fine and mysterious top watchmaking - Tourbillon Caruso, supreme self-esteem, without respect, again and again and prosperous.

  Since September 4, BLANCPAIN Blancpain launch theme handed down Blancpain the five elements Kam month ", the Mid-Autumn Watch Fair in Beijing, Shanghai. BLANCPAIN Blancpain addition to bring many moon phase watch theme, the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, earth and the universe more cycles qualities presented BLANCPAIN Blancpain adhering to the nearly three centuries of watchmaking legend reflect the pursuit of perfection and remarkable achievements of the oldest Swiss watch brand watch art.

  Swiss Blancpain was born in 1735, is the oldest watch brand of Swiss history, its centuries-old culture and the essence of the process, making BLANCPAIN Blancpain has the supremacy of the altar table in the world, even if all the gorgeous eulogy has faded BLANCPAIN Blancpain behind the the pristine spirit and introverted wisdom enough to the achievement of a noble faith, in the time he forged art relentless pursuit of perfectionist believers.

  BLANCPAIN Blancpain insisted Each watch is totally superb and skillful handmade, all are individually numbered, date of manufacture and the name of the watchmaker has a record to be investigated, BLANCPAIN Blancpain value lies not only in the hand and the human consumption, but on every detail meticulous, elegant and classic appearance, aloof from the trend of changing, eternal art treasures.

  Gold by Extreme. Since just, self-respect and respect people. Health narrow sense, the Chongshan refuse the evil, so lucky and successful management. As fine and mysterious top watchmaking - Tourbillon Caruso, supreme self-esteem, without respect, again and again and prosperous.

Le Brassus watch Caruso asked
In addition to rendering the Le Brassus three per one asked Caruso unparalleled artistic value, more distant musical The Sound played endless praise time to time. This section three asked the table has the church chime clock device, meaning that its timekeeping sound will be long and far-reaching, for show its meticulous complex process, in watch rose gold plywood and the bottom plate portion, especially hand delicate carved. Caruso intricate fusion of the three asked the table, open face plate center sapphire crystal case back, clear appreciation of the three asked device chic and beautiful complex art, as well as movement of plywood with great accuracy carved.

  The wood by Most Gracious. Good deeds also like elegance into, good Chinese flattering. As Lotus' clean, orchids of your camellia of wan, leisurely wrist, the aloes Baptist, Buddhism and Yan hygiene conditions.

The orchids Women moon phase watch
Tipsy sleep incense, temperament, such as blue, the Cikuan ladies moon phase table round pearl dial central, the tiny track highlights a square pattern of novelty Moon, mother of pearl highlight date indicator, gentle and feminine traits reflect the harmony of the whole moon graphics ,Breguet Swiss Replica Watches Bright Moon Beauty mark on the face is sketched her amorous feelings. BLANCPAIN Blancpain's watchmakers month phase florid expression of praise for women, naturally, is the most romantic, most poetic expression.

  Water to Chile to Ming. The Ming and carefree, Chi without taking into account, seeking Shin Yong off Pro matter knowledge trillion. As 50 fathoms watch interpretation fearless, fearless courage to explore Willful spirit.

Fifty Fathoms diving watch
L-Evolution eight day long power full moon phase watch
Although the future is difficult to predict, but BLANCPAIN Blancpain's watchmakers still successful self-winding movement Calibre 66R9 versed time regular concentrated in the modern moon phase case,Giuliano Mazzuoli Replica Watches together with the three-dimensional dial and wealthy The combination of visual impact, make this moon phase watch box out of the secular. 6 o'clock monthly work to follow the same trajectory, staged a second on historical resonance of human civilization, the next moment to be the eternal.

  Soil to temperature. Probity and sincerity, subtle and restrained. As the classic Villeret series of low-key, simple, generous, heavy details, everywhere reveals a more low-key, the more confident philosophy of doing things.

Villeret full calendar month table
Drinking alone under the the While this Blancpain Villeret full calendar moon phase watch, slender Voice calls "Night Revels of Han Hsi Han Hsi Fanglangxinghai and Li Bai month, thousands of toast to invite the moon" melancholy, we are through the table back sapphire crystal window small reward its perfect mechanical structure, found among the world's smallest automatic movement has long been hid this month phases, month, date and day of the week show, the stars, the time between the deep roots. Dynasty, the rise and fall of shaking cup light Gok film, the original has long experience in this strand of origin numerous full moon toad lack.