Ten years ago, the market was acquainted with the very first Maurice de Mauriac timepiece creations. For scores of watch connoisseurs, it was love at first sight. Now, Daniel Dreifuss has filed a patent application for the interchangeable bezel. Whether framed by sparkling rubies or diamonds for a glamourous event or with sleek, understated bezels, his latest models always make a strong impression.
Maurice de Mauriac Chronograph with interchangeable bezel
Everything or nothing and always a goal in sight: that was already Daniel Dreifuss’ slogan 10 years ago. His vision was and is to craft sensuous timekeeping instruments, to take challenges head on, and to thrill watch lovers with the very special Maurice de Mauriac style. With his new interchangeable bezels, he pairs sparkling elegance with an impressive presence. The bezels, available in steel, black steel, red gold or white gold, can be set with up to 64 rare white diamonds, exotic black diamonds, or rubies or both, depending on the customer’s preference. Polished on the inside and satin-finished on the outside, the bezels create an atmospheric charisma that changes constantly with the angle of the incident light.

One aspect shared by all of Daniel Dreifuss’ watches: practically no two Maurice de Mauriac timepieces are quite exactly alike, because most of them are individually configured by their owners. But all of them contain superb movements housed in consummately crafted cases. Master gemsetters hand-pick the precious stones that adorn the swappable bezels, making the hearts of connoisseurs skip a beat. The models with these ingenious bezels brighten the days of contemporary women just like the rainbow transforms sunlight into a myriad of colors.

Maurice de Mauriac timepieces are inimitable because they reflect the personal style of their owners and impose no limits on their imagination. Self-confident women and men will love the concept of the interchangeable bezel. From now on, what’s up as the day unfolds determines which bezel is on the watch.
Daniel Dreifuss is convinced that “the important thing is to keep moving, to make the right choices, and to have the courage to innovate. When you’re in motion, you encounter limits. If you want to move forward, you must overcome them. It’s as simple as that. When I developed the concept of interchangeable bezels, it felt like overcoming yet another obstacle.“ (Text/Foto: Maurice de Mauriac Press)
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Japanese watch maker Citizen Holdings Co. said Thursday that it will buy U.S. watchmaker Bulova Corp., for about 28.8 billion yen ($247 million). Loews Corp., the New York-based holding company, has owned Bulova for almost 25 years.

The purchase will reportedly enable Citizen Watch Co., a leader in the global watch industry, to expand further in the United States, the world’s largest watch market, where it is already a leading watch brand, and to strengthen its presence in the $200 to $600 segment of the market.

The purchase will be completed Jan. 10, when Citizen buys 100 percent of Loews shares in Bulova, JCK was told.

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Since 1990, it has been a part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It graces the wrists of many architects, designers and other style setters across the world – Flemming Bo Hansen’s “WATCH”. A sublime watch when it comes to simplicity and clean lines.
Rosendahl Watch II
In the late 1980s, Flemming Bo Hansen designed one of the simplest and most elegant digital watches the world has ever seen. It stood out distinctly from other digital watches on the market. After decades of attention to modern styling, we now present the WATCH with the designer’s original, simple interface in new digital and analogue versions – all true to the original, celebrated model.

Award-winning designer Flemming Bo Hansen’s WATCH range is designed according to a principle of simplicity and clean lines. Everything superfluous has been eliminated, and what is left is a watch in its purest conceivable form. Nothing superfluous, nothing lacking.

WATCH is created according to the proportions of the Golden Ratio. The concept refers to the ratio of two sizes that, from antiquity, mathematicians and scientists as well as artists have regarded as harmonious. These proportions are found in nature, such as in our DNA and in the spiral of the conch, but also in architecture and paintings all over the world.

From Tokyo to New York, Flemming Bo Hansen’s watches and face have become famous. Years of working in the two metropolises characterise his styling with a clearly preserved respect for Danish design tradition.

It is no coincidence that WATCH is the basic cornerstone of Rosendahl’s WATCH collection and is represented in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

There are four watches in Rosendahl’s and Flemming Bo Hansen’s WATCH collection 2007: Two gents’ watches and two ladies’ watches in digital and analogue versions respectively. The price of the gents’ and ladies’ watch is EUR 349,-. (Text/Foto: Rosendahl Press)

I got fed up waiting for more information on this watch. Oh well, you can't blame an industry notorious for bad communication to communicate badly. The good news is that I was really excited to learn about Louis Vuitton's follow up piece to their original Tambour Diver (Diving). They simply call the watch the Tambour Diving II. It will again come in men's and women's models, with two dial styles.

The Tambour Diving II uses the case size case and movement as the original, but with a more sport, less "luxo-diver" look. While The original Louis Vuitton swiss montblanc watches replica Tambour Diving watch played with colors like brown and complimented the watch with elements such as mother-of-pearl - the Diving II has a more sober look meant to emphasize activities like boat racing. The subsidiary seconds dial has turned in to a square, and looks more like a pennant flag. Hands have been skeletonized (with a different color for the hour and minute hand), while hour markers are mostly round and done with lots of lume.

For men, the case will be 44mm wide and the women's model will be 39.5mm wide. Aside from the steel models, an 18k red gold model will also be available for men. Like any good diver, the case will be water resistant to 300 meters. Inside the watch will be an ETA 2895 automatic movement. The dial colors will be either the pictured black or a metallic blue. My only problem with it is that the hands are too short. Overall a beautiful watch that is not so much a replacement for the original Tambour Diver as it is a more simple looking supplement.