Tissot inception,replicas watches not only the brand proud sports performance watch increasingly skilled, women's table series select is more diverse and sophisticated, stunning, this (27) days, Tissot in Taipei cross-Jun product of nine transfer stations above the hotel, and to organize new products press conference. Opening activities, the organizers arranged for the three styles different GB dance, performance Tissot female form design changes in recent years, and the endorsement of the Tissot brand ambassador for over six years - S Barbie dressed in cut neat The bright red fitted dress coming out, ride for table fans demonstration Tissot Ladies Watch series of fashion aesthetics and wear performance, while recalling the transformation of the course of six years to grow and develop along with the Tissot.

    Press conference in addition to hard work in Taiwan, successful brand management, a very impressive driving force behind the - Taiwan Vice President Li Qian, Tissot and Swatch Group general manager Huang KONG Xiang attended the long future of Tissot Worldwide President Francois Thiébaud accompanied by Tissot, director of global public relations, Ms. Ahnebrink by Maria,Chronoswiss Watches and the Tissot global director of product development Nicolas Clerc, in particular for taking the time to come to the event, the attention of the brand for the Chinese market. Invited to attend the press conference with the big S Tissot boutiques located in the Station Fashion Plaza in Beijing, first published a rare Zhendian watch - the preferences of women in Taiwan Taiwan Design TISSOT the New Helvetia white K gold limited edition watch.

Tissot S showcasing the latest female form: the left hand TISSOT the Lady Heart, right hand for the TISSOT Everytime
    Inside and outside concurrently, accurate grasp the needs of life for exclusive women's changing performance

    Tissot accurate timing performance demands of professional and has been accepted by the public affirmation repeatedly invited to as many sporting events the official count; Tissot early aware, in addition to the accurate time, the market in the entertainment and style proportion of the demand is also growing, so strive to both inside and outside, in addition to continuous research and development performance, watch movement, appearance also give full play to ingenuity. Tissot Taiwan Vice President Li Qian said, Tissot particular emphasis on the design of the female form series, not just for the beauty of a woman's nature, but taking into account the diverse roles of modern women,Corum Watches in the household responsibilities of business delicate mind of women's unique opportunity in the workplace to demonstrate their skills, how to escape the traditional Wen Wandian elegant image, fully highlight the career women's professional independence? Improve the scheduling of the watch, they became excellent tool for interpretation of the personality and ability to assist the wearer.Tissot from the early design gorgeous and detailed, suitable foil dress dress ladies watch, increase with a neat suit and generous, the details of the office but without losing the feminine minimalist design.

S (fourth from left) and Tissot Global CEO Francois Thiébaud (third from right), the Swatch Group, the Taiwan branch general manager Huang KONG Xiang (right), Tissot Taiwan, deputy general manager Li Qian (second from right) in Beijing station famous shop photo.
The TISSOT Everytime a good time drilling table, priced at NTD 11,900
    Ladies speak, as multiplier: large S set an example to lead the Tissot fashion

    Global CEO Francois Thiébaud of Tissot, Tissot heritage of 158 years of watchmaking, the fusion of contemporary science and technology and pop elements, the powerful force of the goods and close to the people of the pricing strategy in Switzerland to enjoy the national table, "said . Strive to break in brand marketing, Tissot, and constantly go beyond the spirit of self-brand, and also happens to coincide with the core values ​​pursued by the sporting events, and signed a number of outstanding performance in sporting events, and to break through the sports stars as the brand ambassadors.Franck Muller Watches Which first won the Tissot spokesperson Danica Patrick, the IndyCar ® race female driver in the car project does not lose the men's results, many sports-loving women consumers agree, led to the professional image of the female form of the brand's sports performance series. With the rise of the Chinese watch market in recent years, Tissot in 2005 determined to be more in-depth hard boldly Taiwanese idol drama "Meteor Garden" was first performed, that is, quickly became popular in the three places new generation of female Star S Barbie as the brand endorsement in a Chinese family face.

Global brand president Tim, the selection of a special the DIMPLE Gifts donated large S
     Francois Thiébaud mentioned, S a beautiful slender appearance, not only as brand female form elegant charm, its pursuit of the perfect attitude, superior taste, she became the Chinese women, whether in thought and fashion aspects of index figures . Tissot endorsement six years, the flourishing acting career, the big S but also because of the long-term cooperation with the Tissot has become the bell express human drama appeared in public places as well as its performance, can see its competence to Tissot with a shape, really Tissot into daily life. And six years, Tissot with the big S from idol drama actress hot movie star; last met Mr. Right, well-being into the hall, into the life of another journey for the brand "In touch with The advertising concept of your time to do an excellent interpretation.

    Beijing Station Tissot boutiques dazzling performance,Glashutte Watches first launched in Taiwan limited edition white K gold table

    Tissot uphold the brand positioning of the gold value of silver prices, and affordable diverse, with strong watch design, so that the brand in 2008

    Ball downturn in the economy is thriving to become the preferred one of the minds of consumers watch brand, makes the performance of the Taiwan region soared. In recent years, Tissot In addition to the traditional watchmaker's shop composite cabinet performance high, and also the mode of fine single-brand boutiques, exhibition shop for consumers to buy the watches pathway different habits, an increase of more, more intensive Tissot store point of table service, and expand the opportunities for contact with consumers, and effectively expand the market. Which, located within the 9 Transfer Station Kyoto Station Tissot boutiques, enjoying the five iron structure transport hub advantage, also has a hotel presence and bring a huge flow of the crowd. December 2009 after the opening of the first month of a record 3 million results, the turnover reached 15 million in the whole of last year.
TISSOT the New Helvetia Taiwan Limited Edition Tissot design white K gold, limited edition watch, quartz movement, 18K white K gold case equipped with mother of pearl face plate, 18K white K gold bracelet, diamond standard, Taiwan exclusive limited trafficking sale of 20, suggested retail price at NTD 213,500.
    In addition to geographic location, district property and regional customer base into an important consideration was opened in Beijing station Tissot boutiques, pattern Founder, fashion style, high-ceilinged storefront Tissot entered the decisive factor. Tissot use of large areas of glass to create a bright and comfortable sense of space, reducing the barrier of the line of sight, passing by the visitors to take note of the obvious and design a beautiful Tissot watch the cabinet table, enhance reward Table bears witness, in order to stimulate sales. The Tissot select boutiques in Beijing station, and published its design ideas from the the Tissot Taiwan, deputy general manager Li Qian, and only on sale in Taiwan, the world's limited edition of 20 TISSOT the New Helvetia Taiwan Design White K gold limited edition watch.

    To Li Qianti found in the Tissot Taiwan marketing experience from years of yellow appearance than the gold and silver linked list style with the combination of the details of the use mother of pearl material and diamond, the most welcomed by the women in Taiwan therefore particularly recommend the Swiss Corporation, Brand New The Helvetia series classic fusion of the preferences of women in Taiwan, the introduction of improved design section; 18K white K gold bracelet, combined with the time scale of the diamond inlay, only grace and elegant beauty watch The Tissot management team for the female consumers, the brand has long supported the offering a little something. Li Qian, Tissot will continue this year, a series of open boutiques, outlets, will Beijing Station boutiques as business planning template, and look forward to provide consumers a more complete Tissot purchase environment.

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