The Breguet master genius Housing Design, first in 1931 by Alfred Helwig Remove the "beams".These two timepieces Masters I do not know whether foreseen the independent tabulation future generations, whether foreseeable to the East in the early 21st century, a genius, completely deconstructs this house, of his subversive reform, Tuo completely dismantled flywheel framework, on the basis of the Alfred Helwig "of the Demolition", the "pillars" also canceled. The Chinese people, Hong Kong Tian Yi Xuan master Jiao Dayu. 
Jiao Dayu production in 1991, Asia's first tourbillon watches
Early in 2004, the Chinese New Year festivity is strong, Jiao Dayu received the patent certificate signed by the Swiss Patent Office on December 31, 2003, this certificate was awarded for his "day instrument flywheel TOURBILLON". Jiao's third generation the magical day instrument flywheel table since 1993 continue to have new faces from all walks of life Basel Watch Fair published. Public in July 1993, the seventh "day instrument flywheel" watch, because of the cancellation of the two components of the mounting bracket and rotating frame,Cartier Fake Watch known as the "the Jiao's magical days Miriam flywheel" watch, he thoroughly revolutionary performance in the new structure: the weight is only half of the ordinary tourbillon - the first-generation and second-generation Tourbillon table with the flywheel rotating balance cock "is no longer the same with the flywheel turn; Instead sapphire instead the original metal material placed cock.

  Jiao's third-generation coaxial tourbillon watch has been the advent of the international watch industry, created a stir, because it is unique in design as well as Jiao Dayu only show not sell "characteristics, no one can imagine,Replica Chopard Watch he The tourbillon is how framework conditions under rotation, this invention is also known as the 20th century, one of the wonders of the watches and clocks.(Quoted from: Baidu Library "watch the Earth's balance - About Tourbillon")

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