Lange watches are all hand-made, more than four hundred employees, half watchmaker watchmaker watchmaker ratio (ratio including the inside of the industry as a whole on the ratio of the number of overall employees) is the highest. 
Lange, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Mr. Franck
       For connoisseurs of watches

  Reporter: What are the characteristics of the Lange watches?

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: Lange brand Li Feng Group, is a very special brand, you can say that it is the most expensive brand in our group, the average selling price is 400,000, the cheapest table to be more than 110,000, which is one of our characteristics.

  Our annual production of not more than, our major customers are collectors, connoisseurs, really appreciate senior watches. Lange watches attaches great importance to the technology and skills, we have a lot of complex technology watch, also has considerable strength in terms of movement and design. Lange watches are all hand-made, more than four hundred employees, half watchmaker watchmaker watchmaker ratio (ratio including the inside of the industry as a whole on the ratio of the number of overall employees ) is the highest, and watch watchmaker relative to other people to do it is the highest quality, which means we have to a lot of manpower to do a table.


  Reporter: Be the watchmaker is not needed to meet the high requirements? For example, he must be the older generation, the manual is very skilled and so on.

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: Lange watches watchmaker is not easy, we are demanding our own open watchmaking school to train watchmakers at least more than one year of training in order to contact the watch making, and some complex functions of the table needs watchmaker has more than five years of experience can be produced.

  Why Lange watches the production is so small, is to call it a day because our product is totally dependent on production. Many goods can be mass-produced, with a handmade respect for and strict requirements and adhere to the hand-made, which can be said is contrary to the industrial and commercial development, but we adhere to the principle.

  Reporter: a Lange table, the entire production process for how long?

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: 4 months to 1 year to do a table,Replica Christian Dior Watches even if the raw materials are complete, we assembled and tested at least four months to a year to do a table.

  Double assembly table craft excellence

  Reporter: Lange watches and many watch brands, it is the most prominent advantage is what?

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: know how to watch the people will know Lange watches Basic Group on the calendar front of so many tables inside the craft table. For example, Lange dual assembly table can be described as the prestigious Each Table dignitaries tooling twice, that is to say, all of the parts, such as 600 parts into a machine heart face, each one is to staff polished, carved, and then put into the test finished after all ripped out, and then re-assembled once. Because we believe that such an approach, the table is the most accurate. But this time it takes, can be installed two tables out. The requirements of this process, not to mention the calendar Feng Group, even if any other brands are unable to achieve, which we adhere to the standards of each table.

  Precious metals production

  Reporter: That each table has a dual assembly process is not it?

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: Yes, in this regard we have strict requirements, so Lange watches can be so expensive, so our production is limited. Every part is hand polished, and then manually assembled. Lange watches will use precious metals - platinum, we will not stainless steel material.Even some well-known brands, and their table steel watch, and we do not, we must do with the precious metals. Our tables are heavy.

  Reporter: This brand of table is mostly men wearing?

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: Yes, there are a few ladies paragraph. Lange is dominated by the men's table, I was wearing this watch women's table, is relatively small. Watch and clock industry is dominated by the men's table, but Ms. gradually to watch a large interest.

  Watch is the star

  Reporter: Li Feng Group There are many brands of tables, many tables will do a lot of promotion, whether it is looking for celebrity endorsements or the other way, Lange promotion will feature? I think it is very low-key.

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: because we promote our products as the leading, our product is the star, so it's really like our table, he have a good understanding of the table, so he bought our table when he bought of products, processes, rather than buy image, so we will be relatively low-key in marketing.

  To invite Chinese customer experience watchmaking

  Reporter: I would like to ask how to Lange in the Chinese mainland market promotion strategies?Promotion in Mainland China?

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: Chinese people has always been the tradition of the love the table from the previous emperor began like a table, so the Chinese people watch more want to know and have. The watch market is more and more mature now, of course, some people just started when the time to buy a table because it is expensive, or because we feel that its image is a good buy. But gradually the pursuit table, genuine pursuit of horology.

  Reporter: China's market is really great, many brands come when it will do some market cultivation, I want to know what Lange is what means to do this the market cultivation process it?For example, will bring some VIP to your factory to participate, or to do some advertising?Or others?

Mr. Franck Giacobini: Only 39 points of sale in the entire Asia-Pacific region Lange, China is really a large population, but also its vast, but our point-of-sale is relatively small, only 220 points of sale around the world. We will tell our customers the benefits of our table, so we will take some of the guests to visit our factory, and also an opportunity for them to experience the craftsmanship of the watch, some of the steps they have the opportunity to try, for example,Christian Dior Fake Watches power storage learn This type of knowledge, maybe they will hear more, but do not know how you can do it, we will really positive to explain to them to hear, let them know that there is a lot of movement parts, so they have the opportunity to see touch, test, and so on, so that they understand that in fact it is very difficult to do a table, and this will increase their appreciation.

  Reporter: Speaking of this table is for the consumers in the market, that Lange will certainly be their competitors, even if it is a brand in many European table, beginning when it is low-key, but came after China, will do a lot of things in many ways, including the promotion of that face these competitors, Lange and what measures?

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: That Lange will use a special measures and other market measures is not it?

  Reporter: Yes.

  Mr. Franck Giacobini: I do not think the Chinese market requires special measures

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