Ten years ago, the market was acquainted with the very first Maurice de Mauriac timepiece creations. For scores of watch connoisseurs, it was love at first sight. Now, Daniel Dreifuss has filed a patent application for the interchangeable bezel. Whether framed by sparkling rubies or diamonds for a glamourous event or with sleek, understated bezels, his latest models always make a strong impression.
Maurice de Mauriac Chronograph with interchangeable bezel
Everything or nothing and always a goal in sight: that was already Daniel Dreifuss’ slogan 10 years ago. His vision was and is to craft sensuous timekeeping instruments, to take challenges head on, and to thrill watch lovers with the very special Maurice de Mauriac style. With his new interchangeable bezels, he pairs sparkling elegance with an impressive presence. The bezels, available in steel, black steel, red gold or white gold, can be set with up to 64 rare white diamonds, exotic black diamonds, or rubies or both, depending on the customer’s preference. Polished on the inside and satin-finished on the outside, the bezels create an atmospheric charisma that changes constantly with the angle of the incident light.

One aspect shared by all of Daniel Dreifuss’ watches: practically no two Maurice de Mauriac timepieces are quite exactly alike, because most of them are individually configured by their owners. But all of them contain superb movements housed in consummately crafted cases. Master gemsetters hand-pick the precious stones that adorn the swappable bezels, making the hearts of connoisseurs skip a beat. The models with these ingenious bezels brighten the days of contemporary women just like the rainbow transforms sunlight into a myriad of colors.

Maurice de Mauriac timepieces are inimitable because they reflect the personal style of their owners and impose no limits on their imagination. Self-confident women and men will love the concept of the interchangeable bezel. From now on, what’s up as the day unfolds determines which bezel is on the watch.
Daniel Dreifuss is convinced that “the important thing is to keep moving, to make the right choices, and to have the courage to innovate. When you’re in motion, you encounter limits. If you want to move forward, you must overcome them. It’s as simple as that. When I developed the concept of interchangeable bezels, it felt like overcoming yet another obstacle.“ (Text/Foto: Maurice de Mauriac Press)
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