2012 SIHH, the Swiss watch brand Bamue & Mercier, Baume & Mercier ( Baume & Mercier Baume & Mercier ) Although there is no unique and dazzling new masterpiece, but our new design, color configuration, both in the various series of new works to enrich the brand product line ; celebrities also stress once again that "Life is about moments," the motto of the brand, the watches outlines the component elements of the family relationships, creativity, realism and pleasant time, given the inherent warmth value of the watch."Life is about moments" as the brand motto, to convey that life is composed of fragments from many happy "celebrities in the design of the watch has always been law-abiding, calm and restrained, not exaggerated, vanity, and grab a relatively affordable price attack the market. In the end of July 2011, the celebrities more formally stationed in Taipei 101, opened Taiwan's first new concept store (please point link), so that more consumers in Taiwan to understand was founded in 1830, more than 180 years of brand.2012 SIHH introduction of new works, first saw the Linea series of new models. Linea series was launched in 1987, with 12 hours feature engraved on the bezel, and the removable strap concept, style more dynamic and diverse personality of the female form, sometimes charmed, sometimes playful, to show women and amazing soft character. 2012, Baume & Mercier Linea series increased by 32mm table path selection, increase the self-winding movement style, having regard to the female consumers love mechanical watches and quartz style. In addition, the strap above the introduction of a two-color strap colors according to consumer demand to replace the lining ride.
Linea series of new models, 10070 (left); 10071 (right)
In 2012 to increase the number of new style single manufactured in 1948 by the chronograph as a source of inspiration for the Capeland series. Capeland 44mm Automatic Chronograph (10063 and 10065), equipped with La Joux-Perret 8 120 self-winding chronograph movement; As for the dial, dense features include a speedometer and range finder, plus 30 basic points plate, 12 hours plot disk configuration Bu Zhiyu disorder. In addition, 10 065 blue-black dial combination is special, not only a strong contrast, provide good reading, but with a trace of yuppie style.
Capeland Series 10063 watch.
Blue, black two-color configuration to watch adds a touch of yuppie style, very special.

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