The annual charity gala of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York are celebrities gathered, known as "fashion Oscars" said. In addition to clothes and beauty clothes, jewelry will compete at the red carpet. This year, Cartier champion, sexy, personality, elegant, glamorous, the different modern styling collision Cartier antique jewelry, suction mirror index hundred percent
   The the sexy Madonna: blonde red lips, and a strong sense of contour deep V Lake green embroidered dress with Cartier leaf shape necklace with leopard bracelet is pressing the gas field. 
   Personalized Stella McCartney: their own highly experimental radians dovetail Bra black and white dress, a simple natural makeup, roll up their blond hair,Lamborghini Swiss Replica Watches with Cartier antique diamond tiara personality without missing a small cute cute. 
   Elegant Amy Adams: Classic embroidery personal dress, weaving plate made with Cartier teardrop garland style pearl onyx diamond earrings, elegant blossoms are. 
   Glamorous Demi Moore: black corset gorgeous feather dress,Replica Breguet Watch exaggerated headdress handbag of the same color, with a simple Cartier diamond earrings, cool party thing. 

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