Brand ambassador, Miss Kelly Chen, smiling attend
    September 3, Switzerland Borel table by the opportunity of the Beijing International Brand Festival, the Hilton Hotel in Beijing held a grand "century heritage, eternal love" The Second Beijing Wangfujing International Brand Festival - Switzerland Borel table 155 anniversary of the Festival activities. Representative of the Beijing Municipal Government, to brand the Asia-Pacific Chief Executive Officer Mr. Su Da, Hilton Hotel, leadership and media friends will all be present, the brand ambassador Miss Chen Huilin all the way in person to the active site, together with many models who show Switzerland in accordance with the road surface in 2011 the latest watch, and then we came to Wangfujing Street Swiss Borel table shows the area to cut the ribbon and sent best wishes for the the Wangfujing international brand Festival. Borel exhibition display a variety of classic series watches and watch a high quality of life for city people all the time!
From left to right: Switzerland, according to the Bolu Ya Pacific Chief Executive Officer Mr. Su Da, president of the Swiss Borel Mr.Boillat Raphael, brand ambassador Miss Chen Huilin, deputy director of the Miss Li Li of the Beijing Dongcheng District People's Congress, Beijing Dongcheng District Director of the Office of the Standing Committee of Wuchang Tai Mr.
Painter Yang Gang teacher impromptu painting creation
Field couple model fashion show
    The activities of the day colorful, wonderful shadow dance opened the event a prelude.Switzerland according to the president of wave road surface Mr.Raphael Boillat, Switzerland according to the wave road surface Asia-Pacific Chief Executive Officer Mr. Su Da and all VIP, together with Miss Chen Huilin officiating ice perfusion ceremony, set off a small climax. Kelly's elegant and romantic temperament, swept the audience, cordial interaction, and on-site guests to tell their story with the table of Switzerland, according to Bo Road, recalled, and passed for everyone lucky. The fashion show as the finale of the Swiss Borel tables, Kelly led the five series of the new charm of the show all the models, showing the brand of the usual elegant, noble, romantic "temperament.

    To celebrate the 155 anniversary of the creation of the launch of the brand new "155 anniversary limited edition commemorative watch - the royal family," European royal, noble and beautiful gesture to highlight the revered style, crafted process make the loudest of ceremonies for the anniversary celebration ! Selection of the 2892 Lou through automatic movement of the series, after a fine polished and carved, perfect shape, transparent body is telling you about the watch, no cover, watchmaker wonderful, astounding knife a better show . Engrave through the table of the most important feature is the "transparent" and "open" use right 155 years as the brand of excellence, continuing to pursue the difficult watchmaking philosophy, through continuous accumulation and precipitation have transformative leap. Steel color calm and firm, on behalf of the relentless pursuit of the world's limited edition of 550.

    Model: GS9155-2290

    Swiss manufacturing 2892A2 engrave through automatic movement

    Refined polished

    Louis XIV fine according to Bo Lute system with decorative patterns

    Stainless steel case, strap

    Surface-mount 11 natural diamonds

    Sapphire crystal glass table mirror

    Perspective bottom of the table

    30 meters waterproof

Wangfujing Street Swiss Borel table display area

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